Through THE mINd oF a mAd MaN

Through THE mINd oF a mAd MaN

By: Eric Bell. Photo by Eric Fargo.

This will be a bi-weekly or so posting where I will publish a recipe, either for a cocktail or for food incorporating SweetShine® in some way. My mind works in weird ways when coming up with some of these! Have fun following along with the journey “Through THE mINd oF a mAd MaN!” Please feel free to submit your recipes to me for inclusion at

Setting: Close to midnight, sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee, watching Pawn Stars on TV.
My phone goes off with an incoming text message. “Who the hell is texting me this late?” It’s the Dragon Lady! (Our endearing term for Linda, the owner) “Great, what does she want this late at night?” (She is at a conference out of town.)

Dragon Lady: “Quick, What is a Conjugal Seizure? I need it now.” Me: “What are you talking about?” Dragon Lady: “A cocktail recipe.”

Me: madly Googling to find what she is talking about with no results.

Me: “I can’t find it.” Dragon Lady: “I know–Make it up!”

Phone rings, the Dragon Lady is calling…ugh… Me: “Who is your audience?”

Dragon Lady: “middle aged guy who doesn’t drink, make it good! Sweet and sassy, and one that will sneak up on ya.” Me: “Ok, Bye” Hang Up!

Me: mind going crazy, need a cocktail that packs a punch but doesn’t taste like it does…

Text Message…Me:

  • A Conjugal Seizure
    • 2 parts cognac
    • 1 part Peach SweetShine®
    • 1 part Raspberry Lemon SweetShine®
    • squeeze of an orange wedge
    • toss it in the glass and garnish with a cherry
    • splash with club soda if he’s a wuss

    Dragon Lady: “Ok, wow…”
    10 minutes pass… Text Message… Dragon Lady: “OMG that was awesome and he LOVES it!” Me: “Good.” Dragon Lady: “How did you come up with that?” Me: “Don’t underestimate my abilities!” Dragon Lady: “I don’t, that’s why I hired you!” Dragon Lady :”☺”

    End of conversation. Until the following week when she asked me to make a Sassy Slap…