Hello CELLO Fans!

Are you a little amazed at our new look? We’re hoping you’re as excited as we are about it! Our CELLO label worked so well at the Distillery, we loved the look, but as we’re moving toward a national presence, we’ve found that our CELLO label wasn’t as effective as it could be on the liquor store shelves. So for the past few months, we’ve been working diligently on rebranding our product.

So without further adieu, drum roll please, here it is: Bloomery SweetShine!

As you know, we pretty much put four ingredients into our SweetShine. Our 190° proof neutral based spirit, sugar, water and a fruit, root or nut for the flavor. Just like the Old Timers did during Prohibition.

Did you know: In 1800, there were more than 14,000 distillers in America, some of them producing only a barrel a year. By 1909, their numbers had been reduced to about 600. Then Prohibition hit in 1920. After its end in 1933, a dozen or fewer distilleries were left standing. Of course, those were the official statistics, which don’t include the citizenry’s rich and colorful history of making moonshine. And in our tiny hamlet of Bloomery, WV more illegal ‘shine came through this area than in any other area of the state! We’re excited to embrace those roots.

So CELLO fans, you’ll be happy to know that our new playful vintage look, through a collaboration with internationally award-winning artist Marty Blake, is out and will be available to our loyal CELLO fans at an unveiling at the Distillery on Saturday, May 11. We hope you’ll join us.

Let us know what you think—