Seasonal Pumpkin Spice




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Best if served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Miss Seasonality with tons of personality. Crafted after Eric’s grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. And, oh boy, did he nail it! The delight of pumpkin and spice in a delectable, chop-licking liqueur.

Apple Sauced 5 oz. apple cider 1 oz Pumpkin Spice SweetShine

1/2 oz Ginger SweetShine

Pirate Pumpkin
Shiver me timbers! Spiced Rum from da Islands mixed 50/50 with our Pumpkin Spice SweetShine will get talking to your shoulder parrot in no time. Garnish with sliver of crisp apple. Warmed or chilled this is a special bounty of flavor. Please do not do anything that the parrot suggests.

Cool weather, falling leaves, harvest moons, jeans, boots, sweaters, pumpkins and vodka. We love fall! Especially with this simple to make martini. Stir together with ice equal parts Pumpkin Spice SweetShine and your favorite vodka, stain into fine martini glasses or Mason Jars. This is nicely topped with a bit of fresh whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. Simpler version: add a splash of whipped cream vodka. Best enjoyed with friends around a campfire, in front of the fireplace or near a candle.

SweetShine Latte
We did not invent this drink we just perfected it. Pumpkin Spice SweetShine with espresso and steamed milk. This will soon be as common on the 4th Thursday of November as turkey, cranberries, cornucopia centerpieces and football. Beware, if you introduce this drink to family and friends you will always be expected to bring this Special SweetShine to dinner—to everyone’s delight.

YUM! Drizzle Over Holiday Desserts.

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