SweetShine Cocktail Playground


Local • Farm Fresh • All Natural • Hand Crafted

We take a stand against boring unadventurous drinking, so we set on a mission to break away from this. For starters we went back, way back, to the way the old timer’s used to do it. They would flavor their moonshine with real fruit and sugar for a smoother, more palatable ‘shine.

Bloomery’s all natural SweetShines® are made the way the old timer’s used to do it, by hand, with 190-proof corn likker, pure cane sugar and farm fresh ingredients. We grow lemons, yes, lemons in West by God Virginia! And Hawaiian ginger, raspberries, black walnuts and pumpkins. What we don’t grow we try to source from other small American family farms. Farm to table. Garden to glass.

Our farm-fresh ingredients are hand-picked, hand chopped, hand zested or hand squeezed. Why do we do it? Flavor! All natural flavor. And it really shows. Bloomery SweetShine’s® are award-winning—in fact we’ve out-scored several major competitors in international competitions. Although they’re delicious by themselves, they are sweet mixers. According to our fan base, where we truly shine is mixing it up with other liquors, which makes for an outrageously fun cocktail playground.

Garden to Glass