Hard Lemonade

li-sweetshine-display-label-art-04_16_13-100x300-1Hard Lemonade

Best if served chilled. Do not put in the freezer!

An American favorite. “Moonshine-based” easy sipping. Low alcohol content. Just a great lemonade. Made from fresh hand-squeezed lemons with just enough spike, it’s a special hard lemonade designed for hot days or hot dates. Serve from the fridge or the cooler. Depending on the etiquette of your event, you may choose to drink from the bottle or through a fancy straw. Best purchased in quantity. Refrigerate after opening.

Sardinia Soother
Vigorously shake together equal parts Raspberry Lemon, Hard Lemonade and a scoop of Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbet. Pour over ice. Garnish with a few whole raspberries

Tuscan Lemonade
Find a nice tall glass, put some ice in it, add equal parts of our Limoncello and Hard Lemonade, carefully insert a fancy straw into the mixture, then do what seems appropriate.

Tuscan Sunset
Same as above except very different. Replace the Limoncello with Raspberry Lemon. You may notice a delicious red color, this is normal.

Double Eagle
Stir together two parts Hard Lemonade and one part Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka. Again a nice tall glass of ice seems to work fine here but some people like to mix this up in cooler size batches to get through 18 holes.

Spanish Slice
Oh so refreshing. Mixing two parts lemon ice to one part Silver Patrón makes a darn good Spanish Slice. Silver Patrón and Hard Lemonade. A slice of life—fiesta-style!

Tangy Slushy
In a standard blender about half full of ice, add one bottle of Hard Lemonade and about a third of a bottle of either Limoncello or Raspberry Lemon. Press the appropriate button, pour and sip. Remember to put the lid on the blender BEFORE pressing the button!

SweetShine Shandy

  • 6 oz Hard Lemonade SweetShine
  • 6 oz light beer.
  1. Pour Hard Lemonade SweetShine into chilled beer glass.
  2. Top with light beer and stir.