Where to Buy VA


All of our SweetShines may be purchased at any VA ABC store via special order. Just walk in and ask if they have Bloomery SweetShine on the shelf–if they do, great, drink up! If not, just give them the following codes and they’ll be happy to call in an order. (It generally takes just a few days to get our SweetShines delivered to your store!)

77456 Bloomery Sweetshine Limoncello

77457 Bloomery Sweetshine Raspberry Lemon

77458 Bloomery Sweetshine Peach

953131 Bloomery Sweetshine Cremma Lemon

953133 Bloomery Sweetshine Choc. Raspberry

953134 Bloomery Sweetshine Ginger Shine

953135 Bloomery Sweetshine Black Walnut

953132 Bloomery SweetShine Pumpkin Spice

954044 Bloomery Cré Botanical

954045 Bloomery SweetShine Cranberry Clementine