SweetShine Shortcake

SweetShine Shortcake

Having a shindig this 4th of July? Here’s a boozy Red White & Blue treat to share with your friends. (Family optional).

What you’ll need:


1 bottle Limoncello SweetShine

1 bag frozen mixed berries

Shortcake (prepared)

Whipped Cream

Fresh Mint

Step 1:


Pour Limoncello SweetShine over a bowl of frozen berries.

SweetShine should cover about half the berries.


Cover and refrigerate, stirring occasionally until berries have thawed and mixture becomes a thick syrup. (About 1 hour).

Step 2:


Pour SweetShine berry mixture over prepared shortcake, angel cake, sponge cake … whatever cake you like! (I may have been known to skip the cake entirely).

Step 3:


Top with whipped cream and add a sprig of fresh mint. (Optional).

Happy Independence Day!

Cheers, y’all!