June 17, 2016


Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC (the “Company”) is currently conducting a crowdfunding offering of securities under Regulation CF by means of the StartEngine web portal.

Please be advised that the Company has made “material changes” to information provided to investors through the StartEngine web portal. Pursuant to Regulation CF, the Company has filed with the SEC an amendment on Form C/A and an amended Form C containing the changes. The newly filed Form C/A and amended Form C have been posted on the StartEngine portal, and corresponding changes have been made to information on the portal.

Persons interested in the offering, including the material changes, are referred to the newly filed Form C/A and the amended Form C, and corresponding information, all posted on the Company’s offering on the StartEngine web portal at the following link: A detailed explanation of the changes is provided under the “Updates” tab on the portal.

May 16, 2016


And we want YOU to join us!

You can own a part of the Distillery and help SweetShine go national! We can now do this with your help, through grassroots Regulation Crowdfunding! We were first in the nation (by 4 minutes!) to file through the SEC at 6:35 am!

After four long years of waiting for Title III of the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act to come to fruition, today, May 16, 2016, is the date that this unprecedented opportunity for American small businesses to raise growth capital by using grassroots efforts finally comes into effect.

Bloomery has been preparing for quite some time to be ready to launch an offering on this historic day as one of the inaugural companies in the country. Now you can be part of this historic event too-by becoming an investor in the Distillery.

Today, Bloomery is only one of a handful of small American companies taking crowdfunding to a whole new level as a result of Title III of the JOBS Act. Title III essentially allows crowdfunding participants – investors – the ability to purchase actual ownership in a company rather than simply donating money to a company via a rewards-based program like Kickstarter. With Title III of the JOBS Act comes the latest in equity crowdfunding laws permitting non-accredited individuals to invest in small businesses like ours. Investing was previously restricted to wealthier accredited investors and institutions only. Now friends, family and fans here, there, and everywhere can actually invest in the Distillery’s future and the growth of the company.

Our dream is to be able to take SweetShine from a tiny log cabin in the woods where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River in West Virginia and bring it to every state in America. But we need YOU to help us on this journey. We ask for your support and grassroots effort, once again, to take Bloomery SweetShine to the next level. Help us to #ConnectYourSpirit to ours. As friends, family and fans, you’ve already been such a huge part of our success…why not jump into the journey with us?

For more information about our company, our offering, and to make an investment, please visit

Linda, Tom, Rob and the whole cast of characters who make up this crazy, fun-filled Distillery

PS  The success of this grassroots crowdfunding depends on you. Aside from being an investor yourself the best way to help us reach our goal is for you to share the excitement with your circle regardless of where in the United States they live. To get started, click here