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Bloomery CréInexplicably Alluring Bloomery Cré

Best if served slightly chilled.

This earthy flavored, bontanical liqueur different in proof and profile from Bloomery’s SweetShines®, yet identical in quality and attention to the craft, is called Cré™ (Irish Gaelic for “earth”.)

So what’s in it you ask? What makes it green? Like the formula of Coke and the 11 herbs and spices of KFC, we just can’t give the ingredients away. They’re secret! What we CAN tell you is that you can rest assured that Cré most definitely has ingredients from our farm in it and chlorophyll is what makes it green : ) Beware, she’s as sassy as she looks at 80+ proof!

Cray Cré
-1 oz Cré
-1 oz gin
-1 oz fresh squeezed tart lemonade

-1 oz Cré
-3 oz fresh squeezed tart lemonade
-1 oz tonic
garnish with a lemon twist

-Cherry, placed in bottom of glass
Pour over ice:
-2 oz Cré
-3 oz tonic
-fresh lime juice
-Drizzle in cherry juice
The red floats beneath the beautiful green layer of Cré, creating a deliciously eye-appealing cocktail.

-1.5 oz Cré
-1 oz. reposado tequila
-1/2 oz lime juice
Turbo charged with 2.5 oz of liquor. Zooooom!

Rye and Cré
-1.5 oz Cré
-1.5 oz rye
-splash of lime

Earth Rocker
-muddle mint in glass
pour over ice:
-2 oz Cré
-splash of fresh lime

Cré and Hot Chocolate
-1 oz Cré
-4 oz Hot chocolate
top with marshmallows or whipped cream

Brooke’s Last Word
3/4 oz Cré
3/4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz gin
2/3 oz Luxardo maraschino liqueur

Shake and swirle with ice
strain into stemware chilled glass

This AWESOME recipe, an updated take on a classic cocktail, was created by Berry and Rye’s mixologist Brooke Shoemaker in Omaha, NE. Way to go Brooke!