Cast of Characters

vintage photo_circusTom Kiefer and Linda Losey, Co-Founders/Owners

Rob Losey, Owner & National Sales and Distribution Manager

Don Kiefer, Master Macerator

Bill Nicewarner, Award-Winning Production Manager

Tallulah Pollard, Social Media Engagement Expert

Karla Wells, Production

Heather Vittini, Lemon Zester

Rita Schmidt, The Original “Fun”-tender

Rob Van Huizen, “Fun”-tender; Outside Sales, MD

Sarah Murphy, “Fun”-tender, Mixologist & Flavor Fiend

Mike Giuliani, “Fun”-tender

Becky Gutin, Task Manager

Jim McCue, Facilities and Creative Outside of the Box Thinker

Matt Cain, Farm Mangager

Kaitlyn Galbraith, Farm

Devon Galbraith, Farm