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Bloomery Rated the Number One Distillery in America!
25 Best Distilleries in the US
Travel and Leisure
October 2018

The Top 12-Gluten-Free Canned Cocktails, Compared
Knoji, “Read on, we have the best ones lined up here”
September 2018

11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now
June 2018

Distilling the South: A Guide to Southern Craft Liquors and the People Who Make Them
Kathleen Purvis, Author
June 2018

Kathleen Purvis Tours Southern Distilleries
June 2018

Five Game-Changing Cocktail Trends
19th Hole Magazine
May 2018

History, Hooch and the High Life
Maria Sonnenberg
Florida Today, February 8, 2018

Best of WV 2017 Food & Drink
Editor’s Pick Best Spirits
WV Living, December 2017

Cordiality Counts
David Lincoln Ross
Beverage Media Group, July 2017

Bloomery Distillery: Fruits, Roots, and Nuts Make This ‘Shine Ever So Sweet
Marsha Wessel
Distillery Channel, July 31, 2017

Taste of the South: 50 Best Where to Meet and Eat
Taste of the South, Summer, 2017

Winner’s Circle 2017
WV Executive Magazine, June 2017

Cooking Up Profits: WV Distilleries Navigate State Laws to Sip Success
The State Journal, June 26, 2017

Five Desserts that are Boozy Magic
featuring Cranberry Clementine SweetShine, May 2017

Mountain State Meals: The Best Meals in the Mountain State, April 2017

Going National
Chelsea Cornwell
Around the Panhandle Magazine
Jan/Feb 2017

25 Best Things to Do in West Virginia
Vacation Idea/Dream Vacation Magazine
February 22, 2017

The Strangest Spirit Made in Every State
Jason Horn
October 2016

WV Culinary Team: WV businesses are better when paired together
Candace Nelson WV Culinary Team
Charleston Gazette-Mail
October 1, 2016

Bloom Where You’ve Planted
MaryJanesFarm Magazine
April/May 2016

Recognized as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America
Ryan Shea
Entrepreneur Magazine
November 2015

Handling the Hooch at Bloomery
Mary Stortstrom
The Journal
October 18, 2015

DIY Drinking
Francine Maroukian
Popular Mechanics
October, 2015

What a Hooch
Janice Hoppe
Leisure & Hospitality International
Fall 2015

When Starting a Liquor Business Know the Natural, Organic, Local Trend
The Best Vintage Liquor Branding Ever from Bloomery Plantation Distillery
Susie Wyshak
Food and Beverage/
August, 2015

50 States Series: Best Food Tours Worth Traveling For
Matthew Moretti,
June, 2015

Cover Story-The Faces of Entrepreneurship: Linda Losey, Bloomery Plantation Distillery
21st Century Manufacturing CAPACITY

Client Spotlight: Bloomery Distillery
Oliver Grimsley, LLC
April 23, 2015

Best Bourbon: Shocking Winner at San Francisco World Spirits 2015
Fred Minnick
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author
March 27, 2015
“I also tasted an incredible Black Walnut Liqueur (Brand: Bloomery) that I can’t wait to make a bourbon cocktail with. Of the more than 150 spirits my panel tasted, we gave out a handful of Double Golds and many Bronze medals. The competition tasted more than 1,500 spirits.”

Tourists Toast West Virginia’s New Distillery Law
Charleston Daily Mail
April 7, 2015

Why is West Virginia Harming it’s Craft Distilleries: Spotlight Bloomery
Zoe Gould
Belt Magazine
February 13, 2015

History, Hooch and Hospitality
Sheilah Kaufman
Urbana The Town Courier
September 25, 2014

Not in Italy: Some of the best limoncello is being made in W. Va.
Rachel Nania
July 16, 2014

Unique Local Food Favorites Showcased in Guide Book
Nicole Neidenberg
July 15, 2014

Fox 5 DC with Holly Morris
6 am Bloomery Party
Bloomery Party 7 am Garden to Glass Garden to Glass

8 am Tastings Galore
Tastings Galore 9 am Bloomery Where the Magic HappensBloomery Where the Magic Happens

10 am Bloomery History, Hooch and Hospitality
Bloomery History, Hooch and Hospitality

Making SweetShine
Laura Wilcox Rote
WV Living
June 16, 2014

Bloomery SweetShine Utilizes Small Business Center
Business News
WV Executive Magazine
June 2014

Vice Tour
by Elaine Jean
Viva Tysons
May/June 2014

Distillery Authenticates Limoncello
by Michele Lucarelli
Drive the District
April 11, 2014

With a twist of Limoncello: Wine, spirits conventioneers talk marketing alcoholic beverages
by Alan Snell
Las Vegas Review Journal
April 9, 2014

Selling WV
by Maria Young
The Charleston Gazette
March 1, 2014

Yelp Takes a Bite Out of Love
20 Plus Four and Five Star Event Reviews
February 17, 2014

Bloomin’ Business
by Laura Wilcox Rote
Photo by Deborah Kopper
WV Focus
January 24, 2014

Fighting Hunger at the Sixth Annual Sips and Suppers
Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington
January 23, 2014

Heavenly Hooch Meets Humor at the Bloomery Distillery
by Elaine Jean
Loudon Times
January 10, 2014

Where Local Flavors ‘Shine in Handcrafted Cocktails
by Margo Williams, photos by Wertman Photography
Valley Homes and Style
December, 2013

Mixing Shine at the Bootleg Bar
by Margo Williams, photos by Wertman Photography
Valley Homes and Style
December, 2013

Mixing Things with Bloomery Distillery
Posted by “My Amused Bouche”
November 24, 2013

Listed in the State Journal 55 Good Things About WV
Jefferson County Distillery Offers a Taste of Italy
July 25, 2013

Listed as the first chapter in
Carpe Weekend: 52 Day Trips and Adventures near Washington, DC
by Elaine C. Jean
May 6, 2013

Growth in Flavored Spirits
by Charles Passey
Staff Writer, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
Contributor, The Wall Street Journal (print edition)
April 20, 2013

Jefferson County Business Wins Rural Innovation Award
WV Edge Magazine
March, 2013

Small Gets Bigger: The Craft Distillery Movement Keeps Growing
by Jack Robertiello
Beverage Media Group, January 3, 2013

Seeds of Success
by Bryan Clark
Spirtt of Jefferson, January 13, 2013

Distillery Celebrates First Year with Party
by Chris Copely
Herald Mail, Hagerstown, MD, August 29, 2012
with Dave Elger is featuring us on 7 upcoming episodes. Here’s the first video commercial that they shot using Cello mixed with Truuli Vodka from Alaska.

Born in the USA, 50 Great Spirits.
Kelly and Alisa chose us for WV! Very cool 🙂 July, 19, 2012

Farm Day Held
By Nichole Lidstrom
Martinsburg Journal, June 18, 2012

Farm Day Demonstrates an Area Rich in Diversity
By Nichole Lidstrom
Martinsburg Journal, June 14, 2012

Deane Kern and Keith Dill Sing Brown-Eyed Girl
Posted by Eric Bell, May, 26, 2012

The Dill Pickers Sing City of New Orleans
Posted by Viqui Dill, May 6, 2012

Distillery Finds Success, Zest
By Chris Jackson – Journal Staff Writer
The Spirit of Jefferson County, April 15, 2012

From Moonshine to Limoncello
Valley Homes and Style, Spring, 2012

Tastefully Exceeding Expectations
by Debra Cornwell
Around the Panhandle, Jan • Feb 2012

Home-Grown Lemons and Hand-Crafted Liqueurs
Loudon Times/Mirror, February 29, 2012

Hand-rolled Cigars, Hooch and Horse Racing
by Elaine Jean
Farifax County Times, February 24, 2012

A Zestful Taste  of Italy
by Bryan Clark
The Spirit of Jefferson County