Black Friday Burnout

So, are you braving Black Friday? Or are you tired of hearing about it already? Either way we’ve got a special treat to get you through the madness.

IMG_9001 (2)


1 oz Black Walnut SweetShine

1 scoop salted caramel ice cream

1 serving hot coffee

IMG_8955 (2)

Start with the good stuff. 1 scoop salted caramel ice cream. How big of a scoop? You decide.

IMG_8962 (2)

Maybe a tad more …

IMG_9009 (2)

Now for the best stuff. 1 oz Black Walnut SweetShine.

IMG_8974 (2)

Top it off with hot coffee.

IMG_8981 (2)

Now just kick up your feet and enjoy.

IMG_8984 (2)

Go ahead. You deserve it.

IMG_8998 (2)

Black Friday Burnout

IMG_9010 (2)

With Black Walnut SweetShine.






Sarah Murphy November 25, 2015 Black Walnut